Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Hope you get to enjoy the day, play dress up with no judgement! Here in the keys its a beautiful day and I hope it stays clear of Rain for the kids to Trick or Treat tonight!


Fantasy Fest

Hello there, Fantasy Fest has begun! Every night of the week has different events going on, and last night was the Bikers Zombie Crawl! This year having the theme as Super Hero’s and Villain’s was a great idea! I feel like it is a Child Hood dream of everyone, hoping to be a secret super hero. To have powers, I do not need to be a kid to wish I could freeze time! Even Disney has villains, such as Ursala From Ariel. Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!

Boy Meets Girl…Boy Falls in Love with Girl…Boy Marries Girl

It’s the story line to just about every romance movie and book out there. Today though, there are many variations: Girl Meets Boy…Girl Meets Girl…Boy Meets Boy…

Whichever story line is yours, one thing applies to them all…it is the story of how you met and how your love blossomed. These are the stories we look so forward to hearing from our couples! They give us an insight to who you are and how we can best help you to make your wedding day the one you have been dreaming of for so long!

One of my favorite story lines was that of a couple I worked with about 3 years ago. They were a middle aged couple and their wedding was the second for each of them. During our initial meeting, I could see just how in love they were with each other. As we chatted, they shared their story with me…

They had met in high school and became high school sweethearts. When it came time for graduation and college, they ended up going to different schools. As with most high school relationships, their couldn’t withstand the distance and they parted ways. Both ended up marrying someone else and starting families. Fast forward 30-some years…both recently divorced, they were unintentionally reunited at a party of a mutual friend. They hit it off again, picking up right where they had left off. After dating again for a few years and introducing their children to each other, they realized it was time to write the next chapter of their love story…which brought them to me!

They had a simple, beautiful beach side wedding, surrounded by their closest friends and family. Their story still gives me goosebumps to this day! Everyone has their own story line…what’s yours?

Happy October 1st!

With October here, we have a very busy season ahead. October and November are one of the busiest times throughout the year for Mile Marker Party Rentals. Jill the Owner who coordinates the Weddings/ Events, is all excited to see the weddings come together, that are perfect every time! We wish to give brides their ultimate fantasy even when on a budget!